“Bharat Irrigation Accounting” is specially develop for Drip Irrigation dealers. Its has features like Automatic Accounting, Stock Maintenance Along with business management.

One of the important feature of this software is SMS. Automatic SMS to Customer & Supplier with their Bill Amount.

“Bharat Irrigation 48” Mobile application data easily transfer to this Software.

All the Master & Transaction data easily converted to Tally.

Many Repots are generated in this Software. Exp. Yearly Reports for C.A.

Software is very Flexible in use. You can access Details report from any reports. Monthly Registers is provided with graphical representation.

Automatic Backup and online backup is important features of this software.

Software is totally secured. Only authorized user can access this Software.

All Reports Exported to Excel.

Year wise comparison of sale and purchase reports

It Provide Graphical representation of yearly reports.

Sale D.C, Purchase D.C, Sale & Purchase return Entries and Debit & Credit Note Entries is Provided.

Ledger Reports, Account wise and Account-type wise Report is available in details

Stock report, Stock Register, item-wise stock report, company-wise stock report are automatically generated in this software.

Daybook, cash book, bank book, VAT Report is also generated.

Final Reports, Trading Account Balance Sheet, Profit & loss Account is shown in this software.

Bharat Irrigation Accounting Software is portable. No extra charges is required for another System.


"Bharat Irrigation Accounting" software is easy to understand.

Attractive reports & Registers facilities make this software easy to understand. Bcoz of this features, Software can be easily operate without mistakes.

Automatic Accounting & Stock Maintanance make this software operate easily without any training or Class.

Fast Access

"Bharat Irrigation Accounting" its very Fast to operate.

Any Transaction, or Reports are fastly access to the User.

To know the Accounts balance Amount of Customer or Suppliers at the time of All entries. Goods closing stock is also mention at the time of Purchase & Sale entries.

Account Type wise Continue Bill Print oprion is available.


In Bharat Irrigation Accounting software all entries can be done by Keyboard, so software work fast.

Keyboard shortcuts are available, so no need to use mouse.

from one report you can access other reports. As detail stock reports are available, so all entries can be verified


Username & Password facility available

"Automatic Data Backup" and "Online Data Backup" facility.

We can create more than one User in this Software.

No unauthorized person cannot be access this software.

Mobile Application

"Bharat Irrigation 48 Mobile App" is used for onfield survey for Drip Irrigation Dealers or Company Sales Engineer

With the help of this Application you can Prepare Qutation and collect the data on field by entering farmer name,crop,lenght and width of farm plot.

With the help of this Application we can easily share Quotation and other Collected data to the Customer.

We can easily upload the Quotation in Bharat Irrigation Accounting Software.


रिपोर्ट बघणे
खाते रिपोर्ट
I) खातेनुसार तेरीज पत्रक - ठराविक लेजर
II) खातेवार्गानुसार तेरीज पत्रक- ठराविक खाते वर्गाचे रिपोर्ट उदा. ऋणको(Customers), धनको(Suppliers), खर्च(Expensess)
स्टॉक रिपोर्ट
I) मासिक स्टॉक रजिस्टर(बँकेसाठी) - मालाच्या प्रकारानुसार आणि महिन्या नुसार
II) स्टॉक रजिस्टर - मालाच्या प्रकारानुसार उदा.(किटकनाशके, बी-बियाणे, खते)
III) स्टॉक नुसार नफा तोटा पत्रक - मालाच्या प्रकारानुसार
VI) मुदत संपलेला साठा - महिन्यानुसार
V) मासिक खरेदी विक्री रिपोर्ट(झेड. पी. साठी) - मालाच्या प्रकारानुसार आणि महिन्या नुसार
VI) मालानुसार स्टॉक रिपोर्ट - मालाच्या प्रकारानुसार
VII) पार्टीनुसार स्टॉक मुव्हमेंट - उदा. ऋणको(Customers), धनको(Suppliers) नुसार.
VIII) कंपनीनुसार स्टॉक मुव्हमेंट - उत्पादक कंपनीनुसार
कॅश बुक
बँक बुक
VAT रिपोर्ट
I) खरेदी VAT रिपोर्ट
II) विक्री VAT रिपोर्ट
III) माल परत आला VAT रिपोर्ट
VI) माल परत दिला VAT रिपोर्ट
V) VAT भरणे बाकी
आवक जावक रिपोर्ट
I) पार्टीनुसार आवक रिपोर्ट
II) पार्टीनुसार जावक रिपोर्ट
III) मालानुसार आवक रिपोर्ट
IV) मालानुसार जावक रिपोर्ट
V) कंपनीनुसार आवक रिपोर्ट
VI) कंपनीनुसार जावक रिपोर्ट
वार्षिक अहवाल
I) व्यापारी पत्रक
II) नफा तोटा पत्रक
III) ताळेबंद
वार्षिक गुणोत्तरे
इतर रिपोर्ट
I) विक्री दर यादी
II) सलग बिल प्रिंट